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There are two options: 
Option 1: Go it alone. Figure out the “how” by yourself.

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Get 50+ QUALITY Leads Per Day  
Discover the simple (but powerful) strategy to consistently attract the highest-profit cases
2X The Number of Leads You Convert   
Unlock a proven intake system that’s DOUBLED the profits of 57+ law firms 
Constantly Attract & Hire Superstars   
Get the hiring & job description formula that makes hiring superstar staff easy
    Expand Your Law Firm’s Footprint   
    Discover how to leverage the incoming recession to be one of the most profitable times of your career
    • A Platform-by-Platform Marketing Strategy Breakdown
    Learn which strategies are doing best on each marketing platform, from Facebook to TikTok to Google
    • How To Never Worry About Objections During Intake Again
    Get access to the most effective sales scripts so you effortlessly sign more clients
    • Get The #1 Law Firm Scaling Framework
    Make the possibility of 2X-ing your firm's revenues in 12 months (or less) a reality
    • Never Worry About Losing Staff To Competitors
    Learn how to keep your most important attorneys & support staff from ever leaving
      •  Get 50+ QUALITY Leads Per Day
      • Discover the simple (but powerful) strategy to consistently attract the highest-profit cases
      • Platform-by-Platform Strategy Breakdown
      • Learn which strategies are doing best on each platform, from Facebook to TikTok to PPC
      • 2X the Number of Leads You Convert
      • Unlock a proven intake system that’s DOUBLED the profits of 57+ law firms 
      • Never Worry About Objections Again
      • Get access to the most effective sales scripts so you sign more clients
      • Constantly Attract & Hire Superstars
      • Get the hiring & job description formula that makes hiring quality staff easy to do
      • Get The #1 Law Firm Scaling Framework
      • Make the possibility of 2X-ing your firm's revenues in 12 months (or less) a reality
      • Expand Your Law Firm’s Footprint
      • Discover how to make the incoming Recession one of the most profitable times of your career


      $997 $97 Just $1.00

      $997 $97 Just $1.00


      you'll Get Powerful insights, Advice AND Strategies from a-list speakers like...

      Alex rodriguez ("A ROD")

      Law Firm Management – How To Lead Your Team To Success In Any Practice Area

      Alex Rodriguez isn't just a legendary, Hall of Fame baseball player. He's also a successful entrepreneur with a portfolio worth nearly $2 Billion! A-Rod will be speaking IN-PERSON, and he'll share: 
      • His most most important leadership principles so you can inspire unwavering loyalty in your team
      • How to build resilience in your firm to weather any storm
      • ​His #1 criteria for attracting & hiring top talent so you attract superstars to your firm

      Gary Vaynerchuk

      social media for lawyers – how to get dozens of organic leads per month

      Gary Vaynerchuk is the Chairman of VaynerX, the CEO of VaynerMedia. Considered one of the leading global social media thoughtleaders, Gary is known as one of the most forward thinkers in business. He’ll be showing you
      • The most powerful social media marketing strategies you can use in 2022 (and beyond) 
      • ​Why most lawyers are doing social media the WRONG way (and how to fix it fast)
      • ​Exclusive insights on which marketing content is working best to get high-quality leads

      gloria allred

      Law Firm Branding – how to become a household name while getting justice for your clients

      Gloria Allred is the most famous woman attorney practicing law in the nation today. After her recent successes against R. Kelly and Bill Cosby, Gloria will open the hood on how you can get household name recognition based on the cases you take on. She joins us at the Summit to show you:
      • How getting justice for her clients against R. Kelly and Bill Cosby continued to build her brand
      • ​The most important lessons she's learned from securing hundreds of millions of dollars for her clients


      Peak Performance For Lawyers – HOW TO TRANSFORM YOUR HEALTH + FITNESS HABITS

      Jillian Michaels is the #1 celebrity trainer in the world and relentlessly gets results. She's helped thousands of people transform their health habits for peak  performance. Now, she's sharing her secrets with you. She joins us at the Law Firm Expansion Summit to show you: 
      • How to transform your health habits to increase the results of your law firm
      • ​How to make your health habits become a PERMANENT part of your life for years

      Glen Lerner

      Law Firm Branding – law firm Branding lessons from the 2nd largest pI firm In The Nation

      Glen Lerner is one of the most recognized personal injury attorneys in the United States. He's most well-known for his creative ads and unforgettable jingle. With nearly 20+ locations across the country, Lerner & Rowe have built the 2nd biggest PI firm in the nation. Glen joins us to show you:
      • How to grow your law firm's marketshare through "omnipresent" branding
      • ​How to outsmart and dominate your competition
      • How to shift your mindset to easily become an 8- or 9-figure firm

      Craig Goldenfarb

      Law Firm Management – how to systemize your law firm to run without you

      Craig Goldenfarb is the Founding Partner of the Law Offices of Craig Goldenfarb. He has successfully scaled a $20M law firm that runs without him. At the Law Firm Expansion Summit, Craig joins us where he'll teach you:
      • The simple method to build predictable systems within your law firm (that are created by your team)
      • ​Your step-by-step guide to building departments & training leaders within your law firm
      • How to manage the daily operations of your law firm so it runs without you

      Ali Awad (@CEOLAWYER)

      SOCIAL MEDIA For Lawyers – how to go from 0 to 2M+ followers as a lawyer

      Ali Awad (@ceolawyer) has built one of the largest social media followings in the nation. Starting from 0, he has scaled his following to over 2M+ on Instagram and TikTok. Ali joins us at the Law Firm Expansion Summit, he'll teach you:
      • How to find social media content opportunities in everyday life at your law firm
      • Insider social media secrets on rapidly growing on TikTok to generate FREE cases for your law firm
      • ​How to leverage social media to build your "omnipresent" brand

      Bill Hauser

      Law Firm Management – how Modern law firms are growing revenue 16x faster

      Bill Hauser is the CEO and founder of SMB Team, the fastest growing legal marketing company in the nation.  He’ll be revealing the growth framework that’s allowed 160+ law firms to grow their yearly revenues by 81% (or more).
      • The growth framework that’s allowed 160+ law firms to grow their yearly revenues by 81% (or more)
      • ​The most powerful hiring & job description formula so you have ZERO trouble hiring superstar staff
      • ​How to create a law firm operating model that gives you more time freedom

      Andy Stickel

      Law Firm Marketing – Add 50+ high-quality leads PER Month with "Guaranteed roi" marketing

      Andy Stickel is the CMO and partner to Bill Hauser at SMB Team. Since working with lawyers in 2012, Andy has mastered legal social media marketing and SEO strategies. He'll be sharing:
      • His most closely guarded marketing strategies that produce 50+ qualified leads PER DAY
      • How to get the highest-profit cases calling your firm over ANY of your competitors
      • ​How to beat big-spending lawyers in your area for cases again and again [at a fraction of the cost]


      $997 $97 Just $1.00

      $997 $97 Just $1.00


      MORE spEAKERs To be announced soon!

      We're not only giving you the best lawyer growth strategies. We're also selecting the very best speakers and experts.

      So, what'S YOUR goal? Do you want to...


      Sell your law firm for $1M-$50M in the next 3-5 years?


      Automate your law firm so it smoothly runs with OR without you?


      Scale & dominate your market so that your competitors FEAR you?

      At this VIRTUAL event,

      YOUalong with hundreds of other ambitious attorneys – will get step-by-step guidance on how to set clear law firm expansion goals for the next 12 months and ACTUALLY achieve them. Together, we’ll create a bulletproof plan to make your goals a reality!

      99% discount expires soon $997 $97 Just $1.00






      IT's EXACTLY How this Lawyer WENT From ALMOST BROKE... to "HANDS-FREE" Beach Vacations

      David is a criminal defense attorney in New Jersey.

      In March 2020, David's firm got hit HARD by Covid lockdowns.

      His phones stopped ringing. New clients were few and far between.

      So, he did what he had to do to keep the firm afloat.
      He worked 70+ hour weeks. He gave up almost all his free time with his family.

      He barely slept because he was so busy trying to save his firm.

      But like most lawyers, that's NOT what David signed up to do.

      You see, David dreamed of building a firm that ran on autopilot.

      A firm that ran without him having to do all the work.

      A firm that would pay him a multi-6-figure take-home salary.

      But it seemed impossible for him back then.

      Fast forward to today. 

      David's firm just finished hiring their 8th attorney (he started with only 2).

      He now spends his time working ONLY on the cases he wants to work on.

      His phones are ringing off the hook, and he signs almost 50% of those calls into signed clients.

      And he gets to go to the beach with his family whenever he wants.
      So what changed?

      Like so many other attorneys who attend one of our live events, David ran his firm like a job.

      During the event, we showed David how to run his law firm like a BUSINESS.

      We showed him how to constantly generate high-quality leads. Now, he never has to worry about where the next client will come from.

      We showed him how to attract and hire top-tier employees. Now, he has to turn AWAY job applicants from his practice. 

      We showed him how to set goals - and easily hit those goals- using a simple plan. Now, he's 5X-ed his firm's revenues in a little over 18 months. 

      And we showed him how to put his firm on autopilot, so he could work as much (or as little) as he wants. 

      David isn't alone in his success. And this wasn't a one-time fluke.

      We've systematically done this dozens of times (by now).

      In fact, when a lawyer follows our advice, they grow their law firm 16x faster than the industry average.

      That means the average lawyer in our coaching program increases their yearly  revenues by 81%! (The industry average is 5%).

      So what are we teaching these lawyers at our events the rest of the industry is missing?

      That’s exactly what you’ll discover when you grab your ticket for the Law Firm Expansion Summit!

      It's happening from September 15th - 17th. It's at the BEAUTIFUL Hilton Marco Island resort, a perfect place to work ON your law firm!

      You’ll leave with a step-by-step blueprint on how to easily grow your firm. You'll know EXACTLY how to make more with less stress and effort than ever before.

      Over 160 other law firms have grown using the strategies you’ll learn at the Law Firm Expansion Summit.





      Learn the NEW WAY to generate 50+ leads per day without a multi-million dollar budget.

      • Discover exactly how many leads per month you REALLY need to DOUBLE your firm's revenues
      • ​Get a platform-by-platform LEAD GEN breakdown on how to get those leads coming in like clockwork
      • ​Learn the secret MARKETING budget allocation strategy so you spend LESS money but get MORE leads
      • Unlock how to easily get SOCIAL MEDIA followers on the major platforms (TikTok, YouTube, Facebook)

      Build the flawless intake process that 57+ attorneys ARe Using to double their profits.

      • Have mathematical certainty during your INTAKE so you easily double your firm's profits
      • Discover how to maximize your INTAKE CONVERSION RATE as your lead volume increases
      • Get the industry-leading SALES SCRIPTS so you convert 1 out of every 2 leads (without being sales-y)
      • Learn how to DELEGATE your intake process without risking your revenue growth or reputation

      Grow an "overwhelm-free" law firm that attracts 
      A-players and thrives with or without you.

      • Know exactly how to HIRE the attorneys, support staff, and assistants you need to crush your goals
      • Discover how to create irresistible job ads that ONLY ATTRACT superstar A-players to your firm
      • Unlock the secrets for how to easily RETAIN your staff and prevent them from EVER wanting to leave
      • Get the blueprint for how to REVERSE-ENGINEER your 12-month goals into an unstoppable solid action plan

      Other Once-In-A-Lifetime Speakers Are Being Selected RIGHT NOW

      We're not only giving you the best lawyer growth strategies. We're also selecting the very best speakers and experts we can find. Stay tuned as we select proven mentors to help you get results faster!

      We asked other lawyers what it was like to attend one of our events. Here's What They Said...

      99% OFF DISCOUNT
      Retail Price: $997 $97 JUST $1.00

      get your $1.00 ticket before they're gone for good

      Retail Price: $997 $97

      Get Your Virtual Ticket Today For Just...

      Was $997 Just $1.00 (99% Discount)

      What You Get With Your $1.00 Ticket (99% Discount)

      • 3-Day Virtual Ticket to the Law Firm Expansion Summit
      • ​Unlock Exclusive Law Firm Growth Strategies
      • ​Learn From A-List Celebrities & "Hard To Access" Law Firm Owner Speakers
      • ​Gain Networking Opportunities with Other Ambitious Lawyers and Law Firm Owners
      • ​...and so much more


      Why Attend? 

      We helped double 45 law firms in under 12 months

      • We learned a thing or two (or three) in the process of training over 1,000 different law firms
      • We perfected the #1 law firm scaling framework using EVERY piece of data and insight during that process
      • You'll get the exact swipe-files that's doubled the revenues of 45 lawyers in under 12 months, so you can model their actions (and do it too)

      Why Expand? 

      • Because setting a powerful marketing foundation NOW will poise you for massive success LATER (especially after recessions)
      • Because knowing how to grow your team will  unlock more personal freedom for you
      • Because focusing on growing your firm will make sure your staff stays with you for decades

      Why Should YOU Attend the Summit?

      networking with

      7& 8-figure attorneys


      proven actionable strategies for

      real results


      avoid years of

      struggles & fastrack results


      beautiful Florida

      family getaway

      proven actionable strategies for

      real results

      Expand your Rolodex and network with hundreds of growth-minded law firm owners. Build referral relationships & friendships that last years at the Summit.


      Gain valuable insights from OTHER attorney speakers to help you cut your learning curve. Turn their mistakes into profits for your law firm.
      Learn immediate growth strategies you can easily & quickly implement to achieve REAL results for your law firm.


      Get life-changing advice from A-list speakers. It would cost you $100,000 to get this kind of one-on-one training. 

      What You Get With Your Ticket...

      99% OFF DISCOUNT
      Retail Price: $997 $97 JUST $1.00

      99% OFF DISCOUNT
      Retail Price: $997 $97 JUST $1.00
      Retail Price: $997 $97
      TODAY ONLY: JUST $1.00
      Your Ticket Includes...

      3-Day Virtual Ticket to the Law Firm Expansion Summit

      You'll unlock THREE days of tactics, strategies and masterminding. Join hundreds of other growth minded attorneys to get simple strategies proven to grow your firm.

      Law Firm Expansion Summit Workbook

      You'll create a bulletproof marketing and management system you can implement to 2X your revenue in the next 12 months. With a workbook to keep you on track.

      Exclusive Training From A World Class Lineup

      Learn law firm scaling strategies from the best minds in business and the legal industry. This is the best advice you can get at the absolute best price.

      Networking Opportunities with Other Lawyers

      Make connections and referral relationships with the hundreds of other growth-minded attorneys who will be joining the Law Firm Expansion Summit

      Proven Strategies to Help You Build Your Dream Law Firm

      Eliminate the overwhelm and get results faster using proven strategies working right now for any practice area. Finally build the firm you've always dreamt of.
      🔒 Protected By Our $180,000 Guarantee

      Is buying your $1.00 virtual ticket Really Worth It?

      Take a moment to imagine something, just for a minute.

      Imagine surrounding yourself with other like-minded lawyers who are EAGER to share what’s worked for them.

      Who understand EXACTLY what you're going through... and get it

      Imagine overhearing one small “tidbit” of information that could move the needle in your firm just a smidge... and BAM!

      It ends up being the “missing piece” to your first (or next) 7-figure revenue jump at your law firm.

      Imagine receiving clear direction on EXACTLY what you need to do to run the law firm you want.

      A law firm that runs the way YOU want it to (with OR without you at the wheel).

      We know what you’re thinking...

      “Geez, these are some hefty promises you’re making... but how do I know it’ll work for me?”

      The reason we KNOW it’ll work for you and your law firm? We've seen it work for 160+ lawyers in every practice area. They've ALL grown 16X faster than the average firm (31 lawyers DOUBLED their revenue with the same strategies in the past 12 months alone).

      I’ll Shoot Straight And Just Say It — 

      “Attending the Law Firm Expansion Summit Is The Single FASTEST WAY To Achieve A Thriving Firm In 2022 And Beyond!”

      Of Course, There’s The Other Option...

      The option where you could do it all alone. Because you're smart and you can "figure it out yourself". And you probably could. 

      But do you really have the time and the patience for that?

      Plus, without the right direction you could make expensive mistakes which could spell disaster for your firm.

      And with costs rising like crazy everywhere you look, can you really afford unnecessary mistakes?

      Save yourself the grief of “figuring out” all by yourself... the headache and stress of not getting the results you want...

      ...and join us at the Law Firm Expansion Summit!

      You’ll discover the simplest, most effective way to earn more profit and make more impact.

      We've spent the money and learned from the mistakes already, so you don't have to.

      Here are real life testimonials from clients who have implemented the strategies we teach:

      our promise to you...

      We guarantee you’ll walk away with the tools and knowledge you need to add MORE leads, cases, and profits to your practice this year.

      So much so that we back it with our $180,000 Guarantee. If after the event, you feel like you haven't received even ONE breakthrough that could change your law firm...

      Then We'll Refund Your Investment. Every Penny. 

      If you’re not happy, then we're not happy. Plain and simple. We'll do whatever it takes to make it right.

      Now, the likelihood of this happening is VERY low.

      But the reason we give such a rock-solid guarantee is because we KNOW that once you've logged on to join us at the Law Firm Expansion Summit...

      You'll be hit with one knowledge bomb after another. You'll get real ACTIONABLE advice you can actually apply. You'll experience the law firm transformation you’ve been looking for.

      However, We MUST Warn You...

      virtual tickets will sell out fast

      We sell out all our events. That’s not a humble brag. That’s to let you know if you plan on attending this year, then you need to act NOW.

      We're offering DEEP discounts to join this event because we want to get this life-changing value to as many lawyers as possible. 

      Tickets WILL SELL OUT fast. So make sure you click the button below to get yours today.


      Retail Price: $997 $97 JUST $1.00
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      What's Included In Your $1.00 Ticket:
      • 3-Day Virtual Ticket to the Law Firm Expansion Summit
      • ​Exclusive Law Firm Growth Strategies, Tactics & Content
      • ​A Chance To Learn From A-List Celebrities & "Hard To Access" Law Firm Owner Speakers
      • ​Networking Opportunities with Other Ambitious Lawyers and Law Firm Owners
      • ​...and so much more